About Us

We are a company founded late 2017 We cater for all Photography and Videography needs for any event required. Whether it be a domestic or industrial service.


Not only do we deal with events, we also do videos and photos for businesses for promotion purposes. Whether you are a construction company needing a promotional video, a landscaper wanting to show your customers the full extent of your work or even a sports team looking to see your field positioning from an aerial perspective we can provide these services for you at a fair price.


PfCO & OFQUAL Qualified & Insured

We aim to respond with a quote within 24 hours. We may ask for additional info if needed.

Why Choose Us?

We want to provide you with a service that's friendly, professional and keeps you in focus the whole time. We will send you proofs to see if you like them if they are to a standard that you'd be happy with. If for whatever reason you are unsatisfied then please let us know and we will endeavor to get things the way you want them, after all, we want to build a friendship with our customers. 

Another reason you should use us is the price. As we are a newly founded company and we will be setting competitive prices. The prices will be taken on a quote basis, you tell us what the event/occasion is for, how long you want us and where you want us to be, we should get back to you very shortly with a quote that is we feel is reasonable for the service.

Useful To Know

If drones are a part of the services you require, there are a few things we need to mention. There could be factors that could prevent us from getting airborne. This can be due to weather conditions or for any other reason we deem it as unsafe to fly. Another factor is No Fly Zones, we have permission to operate in specific zones but authorization needs to be obtained prior to flying. This is why we require 48 hours notice.

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